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windows arrived again today and were installed instantly! we shrunk the dining window and lengthened the kitchen window.

mike and i got great deal on doors from Lowe’s hardware last spring and couldn’t pass it up. when we developed a plan for the kitchen with our contractor, we asked to include door installation (and flooring; more on that in a sec).

here’s what our old doors look like…

and here’s our new doors freshly painted. this set up kinda reminds me of Monsters, Inc.

mike’s mom suggested we also replace the carpet throughout the rest of the house since we’re replacing the linoleum in the kitchen and dining area. she had a good point… may as well take care of it now so it doesn’t become another project later down the line. [chanting: no more renovations, no more renovations, no more renovations]

after we installed bamboo hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining, we started on the living room. we went with morning star bamboo from Lumber Liquidators.

the foyer was originally tile. we removed that and leveled the area using cement.

the hallway was originally carpet. subfloor was in good condition so we ripped the carpet out and installed the new flooring.

since the floor installation began, we’ve transferred everything that was in the living room into the family room. basically, we’ve been confined to our bedrooms and the office for the last 1.5 weeks. =(

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